Tutorial Index Page

Unreal 3

Unreal 3 - Tutorial 1 Using Blender3D to create static meshes, exporting them into Unreal 3 and setting up for use in the game.


ET:QW- Tutorial 1 Setting up custom assets, getting correctly textured ASE models into the editor and how to set up texture blending for internal areas.

ET:QW- Tutorial 2 Custom MegaTextures

A Further Quake 3 Tutorial

Making a map from models (Advanced Mapping) Exploring mapping for Quake 3 with a modern twist

Quake 4

Tutorial 1  A discussion and examination of approaches to lighting in Q4

Tutorial 2  A discussion on the decline of good mapping techniques and practises for Q4

Speed mapping

Speed mapping thoughts

Quake 3 series

This series of tutorials aims to follow the construction of a complete level for both Death Match and Capture the Flag for Quake 3 arena. A final tutorial covers some aspects of Quake 3 Arena level design not used in the sample maps. The tutorials are designed to be followed in order, covering basic mapping and design techniques to the use and implementation of  advanced approaches and ideas. All the media created and used in the sample levels, including the .map files, is present in the dk_lmtut.pk3, downloadable, inside a .zip file, here.

It is recommended that the dk_lmtut.pk3 is explored using winzip or some other archiving utility, and the sample maps extracted and placed into a maps folder, under the game's baseq3 folder. The .pk3 contains the following .map files:






During the series the construction and purpose of each of these .map files is covered.

Other media can be extracted, examined and placed in their respective folders if so desired.

Although for beginner mappers it is strongly recommended that the tutorials be followed in order, for ease of reference the areas covered in each section of the series is listed in the links below:

Tutorial 1. Basic Room: including, creating a brush, selecting a texture, changing views, selecting faces, adding a start point, saving a map

Tutorial 2. 2 point clipping, brush and patch work: including, endcaps and bevels, caps, making a curved hallway, texturing patches

Tutorial 3. Detail and structural brushes, level layout, triggers and traps, adding geometry: inlcuding, building to control vis, trigger_push, target_position, trigger_teleport, misc_teleporter_dest, death pits, placing items, adding lights, adding detail geometry, t-junction errors, LOD, .ase models

Tutorial 4. Advanced patch work, lighting tips, stairs and ramps (including spiral stairs)

Tutorial 5. Stuff with holes, liquids, rocks and terrain, alphaMod volumes

Tutorial 6. Light styles, clipping and bot play, hint brushes and block size: including info_null, clusterportals

Tutorial 7. Compiling, creating .pk3 files, adding music, .arena files and levelshots: including batch files, frontend compilers

Tutorial 8. Converting the level for CTF, new entities: including, team_CTF_colourspawn , team_CTF_colourplayer, team_CTF_colourflag

Tutorial 9. Extra entities, Func_bobbing, door, plat, train, rotating, button. Areaportals. Target speaker entities.